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Under the strong influence of my Grandpa, an eminent collector in Shanghai, Jade and Stones have become my lifelong obsession. Till today my mom still jokes about other girls growing up with dolls, but I grew up with jade stones.



I remember vividly my grandpa’s routine each afternoon, trimming the Bonsai trees and caring for his jade collection. Each of the stones had a unique story – and personality. Grandpa said even though they’re cold, they’re all living beings with souls of their own. When you find your soul-mate stone, it’s the stone chosen only by you.

Shhh…be quiet, let the stones tell you their stories…

All The Best Luck,


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  1. lisa
    Sep 5, 2013

    hi, could i please ask, i have found what looks like jade, it is figure of a bull, light jade, old, sadly has been used for a door stopper over the years, so has much damage, it is engraved with flowers and looks chinese, if you could help me, kind regards, lisa.

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