How to Care for your Jade Collection

As we mentioned in other articles, the degree of internal moisture is a key factor to decide the luster and quality of jadeite.  High-end jadeite contains rich moisture naturally and they can be dehydrated in dry weather. Losing moisture will not only demolish the luster of Jade but cause fine cracks.

In this regard, how can we “nurture” jadeite? If you have jadeite jewelry, the best way to preserve it is to wear it. The human body can provide an amiable environment: warm and humid. This environment will compensate any moisture loss and improve the luster.  Sometime even small impurities on the surface can disappear after a period of constant wearing. This is also why the Chinese believe jade is so special and more like a soul mate, because people and jade can nurture and benefit each other.

In conclusion, there are 4 major key points to take care of you jadeite:

  1. Avoid scratching it with hard substances or surfaces;
  2. Avoid touching it with any kind of acid;
  3. Avoid strong sunlight or high temperatures;
  4. Wear it and clean it often with a wet soft cloth.

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