Jade Ox Collectables

Ox is a traditional pattern for jade in China. People love ox because of its personality. Ox symbolizes prosperity through steady, fortitude and hard work. Since its Ox year in China, lets look at some Jade Ox Collectables:

• Antique Lying Jade Ox from Qing Dynasty.
Height: 6.6cm, Length: 15.1cm, Width: 7.7cm










This lying jade ox was made in 1818 a master piece from Qing Dynasty. This piece was made for the enjoyment of play in hand for the noble class. Hand-playing Jade was a major category in antique jade collectables. This lying jade ox is very nicely shaped and fits hand perfectly.

The creator embraced the natural color and spots of the jade piece. The colors of the horns and nose are outstanding highlights.

OxCouple Pendant

This pendant is made of high quality famous “He Tian Jade”. The cuddling ox couple represents sweet love and relationship.

Money Ox

This is also a hand-playing master piece. The original color and texture have been perfectly embodied into the money caring ox.

Jadeite Buffalo

This is a small pendant. The high quality jadeite brings buffalo alive in front of us.

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  1. Henry ooi
    Oct 4, 2011

    Money ox looks cute, are they nephrite or jadeite ?

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