A myth of jade— Nurturing Jade

Ancient Chinese always admire jade more than just gemstone. Jade are believed to have special spiritual bond with the human master.
Jade loses its luster when time passes by. While ancient Chinese believed the human care and nurture can restore the shine or even improve the eminence if the care comes from the meant-to-be human master.

Due to this “Jade Spiritual Philosophy”, Jade Nurturing plays a pivotal role in the Jade Culture.
Especially, if it’s an antique jade buried underground then it was usually covered by some water or soil rust. Ancient Chinese believed the “Human Touch” could restore the lost luster.

The Jade Nurturing is the interaction between the human master and the jade piece. As I mentioned before, ancient Chinese believed everybody had your one piece “Soul Mate Jade”. That unique piece reflects your spiritual body. So the process of Nurturing is also a journey to find yourself and rebound with your spiritual self.

So what is the Jade Nurturing? According to the renowned literacy “Ancient Jade Identification” from 1700’s, the Art of Jade Nurturing could be categorized into: Gentle Nurturing, Intensive Nurturing, and Spiritual Nurturing. I will talk about the details in my next article.

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