Capitalize the Economic Downtime– Finding That Perfect Piece of Jade

In such a economic downtime, we probably worry about the next month paycheck rather than a piece of jewelry. However, if you have extra disposable cash, to invest in valuable jade is probably a good investment. It’s a great time to bargain with the jeweler if you can let him/her smell the money.

Recently, I heard a quite well-known jeweler has to close all the stores due to the sudden broken cash chain even though he still had hundred thousand dollar worth jewelry in stock. The “Cash King Theory” has never been truer now days.

With the economic problems these days, it is important to maximize every dollar possible. Here you will learn where to get your best deals on jade and discover how to save time doing it.

The mall probably should not be your first choice to shop for jade. Mall stores have very high rent and overhead, so they have to make large profits in order to stay open. The jewelry you will find in a mall store will usually have 2-300% markup.

There are several On-line auction sites.  One must be careful with some of those auction sites .What they claim to be retail value for an item can most often be very deceptive. If you pay more than 10% of the “so called” retail price you have probably paid true retail or more.

You also run a very good risk of the quality not being what you expected. Read several unbiased reviews about an auction site before you buy. Keep in mind many of the reviews you will find easiest, will be written by the very same organization you are investigating.

With Internet , the jewelry sellers don’t have expensive over head nor fancy stores to maintain. This allows them to sell the jewelry at substantial savings to the customers. Of coarse not all On-line stores offer great deals, so one still should take the time to shop and compare.

If you have spent any time surfing and shopping On-line for jade, then you already know that there are thousands of sites selling jewelry. It can be very time consuming and frustrating finding that right piece of jewelry at a fair price.

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