Caring For Your Jade For Dummies


In terms of maintenance, you should dust your jade art craft with a duster often. Then wipe the jade with sheepskin. If the ambient humidity is quite low, then wipe the jade with a soft wet cloth to increase the surface moisture.

Jade Caring

Jade Caring

Don’t put the jade craft under the direct sunlight or spotlight too long. The heat will dry out the moisture of the jade and cause fine cracks.

To take good care of your jade jewelry or artcraft collection, there are following principle to follow:

  1. Avoid hitting with other hard substance. Even if the hardness of jade is higher than normal stone, while sudden hit might cause very fine crack internally. This kind of hidden crack will climb up to the surface when time grows.
  2. Avoid the touching with dirt or grease. If there is any dust on the surface, soft brush is preferred. Where if there  is any dirt or grease, you can use very light soap water. No chemical detergent is allowed. If your jade is strongly contaminated, it will be better to send it to the professional.
  3. Preserve your jade separately in jewelry box, in case scratching with other jewelries.
  4. Avoiding contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap or sweat, because they will affect the color and humidity of the jade. Especially the jadeite and goat fat white jade (Yang Zhi Bai Yu) are very sensitive to sweat and grease, it is better to clean it with soft cloth every time after the wearing.
  5. Avoiding strong direct sunlight. The molecules of the jade will expand after heating, the structure will be harmed.
  6. Over dry environment is also harmful, the jade will lose its water inside and its unique luster.

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