Classic Jade Themes

The culture of jade is a very significant and indispensable component of Chinese culture. The early records of jade in China can be dated back to the Stone Age.  Therefore the Theme system of jade is incredibly rich in China. Below is a brief view of some typical Theme genres in jade jewelries and carvings.


1. Auspicious Jade Themes:

Chinese Dragon, phoenix, auspicious cloud, LingZhi, and RuYi are the most often used ones. For example:

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon

  • Theme: Chinese dragon and phoenix: Chinese believe the Dragon is the king of animals and the phoenix the queen of birds. They used to fight each other, but since the dragon won and married phoenix then the whole world started to enjoy the peace and prosperity for generations. Dragon and phoenix also represents happy marriage and prosperous family.
  • Theme: Bats. Bat enjoys the same pronunciation as “luck” and “prosperity” in Chinese . It is also the reason why bat is also representing auspicious Theme.
  • Theme: Pie couple landing on the plum branch. Chinese always believe pie is a kind of auspicious bird, who will send you the good and happy news.
  • Theme: three goats. Goat enjoys the same pronunciation as “sun”. This Theme means three suns shall bright your future, and bring you prosperity.
  • Theme: RuYi. RuYi means as you wish.
Jade RuYi

Jade RuYi

2. Long live and happiness Jade Themes

  • Theme: three gods of luck, longevity, and fortune. Some time you might see the Theme of the god of longevity with deer (representing the god of fortune) and bat (representing the god of luck) instead.
  • Theme: deer, crane, and phoenix tree. Deer and crane are auspicious animals and represent fortune and longevity respectively.
  • Theme: tortoise and crane. Tortoise enjoys long living life, so together with crane they represent longevity.

3. Prosperous Family Jade Themes

  • Theme: lotus, lily, China green, and box. This Theme represents a lifetime happy marriage.
  • Theme: Chinese Bulbul and peony. Due to its white head, Chinese Bulbul couple have always been consider as the marriage paragon. Peony represents rich and honor.

4. Thriving Career Jade Themes

  • Theme: carp jumping across the dragon gate. There was a legend, that if the carp can jump through the dragon gate then it can become a dragon immediately.  This Theme represents  becoming successful and famous.
  • Theme: bamboo. Bamboo grows up sector by sector, so this Theme means continuously success.

5. Buddhist Jade Themes

  • There are few famous Buddha figures people usually wearing to prey for protection and good luck, such as Guanyin, Mile, and Zhongkui etc.


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