Few Tips of Chinese Antique Jade Collecting

If you are an antique jade collector especially for Chinese jade, then there are few tips you must know:

1. Master the ancient jade patterns. Chinese jade has a rich history of patterns. Certain unique pattern can help to date back to specific era. If you are a Chinese antique jade lover, I would recommend the famous book “Antique Jade Illustration” written by Wu Da Zhen from Qing Dynasty. The author depicted a list of antique jade based on their date, usage, and size. He also provided related illustrations which were highly valuable.

2. Fabricated Ancient Jade can be dated back to Song Dynasty (960 –1279AC). As I mentioned in previous article, the authentic ancient jade shall be dated before Han Dynasty (202 BC). So even if it is an antique jade piece, it might be added hundreds to thousands years by the jeweler. So be careful about the consistency of the key elements, such as the jade material, patterns, and carving techniques etc.

3. The fabricated jade usually uses cheap jade material with the hardness lower than 5.5. While quality jade material shall be harder than 6.

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