How to judge “Dyed Jade”

If it is well made “Dyed Jade”, usually you won’t be able to judge it by your bare eyes. Professional testing equipment will be a more reliable source to provide you detailed information. However, if the dying hasn’t been perfectly done, you will still have the chance to spot the nuances through some practical techniques. The “Dyed Jade” will suffer the follow pitfalls:

  1. The color is not pure and natural, but more dull, tedious and bluish.
  2. If the dyed color is a layer of coating, you will feel that the color is only “floating” on the surface.
  3. You might find some very fine veins similar to the roots of a plants, whose color are slightly different from the rest of the piece.
  4. The dyed jade will not only lack it’s natural luster but will also be quite “dry”.
  5. Compare it to other different jade items from the same vendor – if the colors are all very similar then you need to be wary.
  6. Usually the dyed jade is in one color, while sometime you might find multi-color counterfeits. In this regard, the connected section of the different colors can be the checking point.

    Jade bangle

    Jade bangle

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