A practical method to judge the quality of a Jadeite Bangle


Hang the jadeite bangle with a string, take a slightly bigger jadeite pendant (cylindrical shape is preferred) and tap it. If the sound is clear and crisp like a copper bell with a pure deep metallic quality, then it is very possibly Type A Jadeite.

Jade Bangle

Jade Bangle

Flash a light at the bangle from its side and if the Color Root is not continuous, meaning some color on the surface is different than in the middle of the jade, then it is more probably Type B. 






1) Color Root is the color in the heart of the jade.

2) If the bangle is “washed” by strong acid which is Type B+A, then it will be difficult to be judged under 30X magnification. In this respect, listening to the echo is probably the best way.

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