How to select and evaluate jadeite – Part 1

There are a handful of modern instruments can provide you the indicators of Jadeite. An authorized certificate is probably a very useful reference for you. However, don’t forget everything can be faked nowadays. Therefore, equipping yourself with some “hands on” knowledge of selecting jadeite is certainly not a bad idea.
Usually you can judge the quality from the following 5 areas, they are:

  1. Color: The more fresh green the better;

    Top Class Jadeite

    Top Class Jadeite

  2. Transparency: More transparent the better. The internal structural and texture defines the quality a lot. If the internal structural and texture is more compact and has better quality, the transparency degree shall be ascending in relation to this virtue. Usually the glass-liked jadeite is considered as the top level.
  3. Evenness of the color: The color tone shall be even and consistent. Of course, more even the better.
  4. Flaw: A perfect jadeite shall be flawless. Any crack or spot will affect the quality.

    Top Class Jadeite

    Top Class Jadeite

  5. Shape: The shape of your jadeite shall also affect the value especially in the case of carved pendant.

If you are going to buy jadeite bangles, there is a practical trick to help you undertake an initial quality screen. You can strike the pair of bangles with each other. The good quality ones shall have clear sound and distinct long echo. This method can help you check the compactness of the texture and if the jadeite is crackless.

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  1. Henry ooi
    Oct 4, 2011

    Can a fake peice be as green as the good ones?

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