Unlock the Secrete Meanings of Gemstones

Though they are sparkly, pretty and intriguing, gemstones from the dawn of time have served as talismans of good health fortune and prosperity. Used to ward off negativity in some form, each has their own properties and meanings.

Below is a list of some of the most popular gemstones and there meanings:


  • The most sought-after gemstones, i.e., diamonds with the highest level of hardness property—10.
  • Diamonds are also considered to be a symbol of infinity. They have been used as talismans to draw away physical ailments.


  • Pearls have less hardness properties than diamonds and are created within the interior of certain mollusks.
  • Pearls, in certain societies, are the symbol for purity. They have been considered to emit certain properties that create mental balance.


  • Rubies and bloodstones have relative hardness properties –9.
  • Rubies have been used as symbols for love, sincerity and health of the heart.


  • Emeralds, like rubies possess a relative hardness- 7.5-8.
  • Emeralds are believed to endow the wearer with astute insight.


  • Sapphires are slightly less durable in hardness properties–9.
  • Like the opal (5.5-6.5), the milky gemstone, sapphires have a tendency to crack. Sapphires are said to endow the wearer with a higher level of spirituality.
  • Opals, like smoky quartz, are worn to inspire peace and harmony.
  • Ancient tribes believed amber held healing properties.


  • Jade comprises of Jadeite 6.5-7 and Nephrite –6.5-7.
  • The meaning of specific jade piece is strongly related to the pattern, I will describe the rich meaning of different jade patterns in my next article.

While this list is a good start, there is so much more to learn about all the hidden properties of gemstones. Finding the right gemstone could mean anything from good health, wealth or true love. Just remember to keep your mind open. Who knows what you’ll find with the right stone!

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