Why Beijing Olympics medals use Kunlun jade

Kunlun Mountain

Kunlun Mountain

Kunlun Jade, a kind of nephrite, is named after Kunlun mountain located in Qinghai China. Kunlun is the most mysterious mountain among all the famous mountains in China. Kunlun was also the cradle of the Kunlun genre of Taoism. Kunlun is rooted from Pamirs, which runs across middle Asia. Therefore Kunlun is also called as the spine of Asia.

Kunlun has born many legends. It was revered as a holy mountain which was a settlement for the gods. Ancient Chinese believed Kunlun was the “origin of all the mountains” and the “birth land of Imperial genealogy”. In the earliest legend, there was a god with a human face and tiger body protecting this holy land. Later on, the queen of the gods of heaven became the owner of Kunlun. In many ancient literature, Kunlun was also called the mountain of the queen of the god of heaven.

Around 4.5 billion years ago, from the Proterozoic era to the Cenozoic the Himalaya Orogeny took place and the lithosphere underwent a great deal of changes. All sorts of rocks emerged on the earth. The drastic geologic movements which were caused by the Himalaya Orogeny were unparalleled. Where the Kunlun and Himalayas met was also the convergence point of 2 geologic plates. Due to the co-action between the extrusion and magma caused by the movements and crush of the 2 plates, a magic mineral was created -the Kunlun Jade.

The mineral structure of Kunlun jade is very unique. Kunlun jade contains more than 95% tremolite, which is very rare in nephrite.

Kunlun Mountain

Kunlun Mountain

Thanks to its legendary noble pedigree, Kunlun jade is also embedded with an orchestra of myths. Ancient Chinese believed that Kunlun jade can bring you the blessings of the holy land, improve your health and protect you from bad things.

The Biology department of Southeast University claims in their latest findings that there is a “bio-information field” in human’s body, which consists of a temperature field, a magnetic field, and an electric field. The bio-wave sent by the “bio-information field” creates a kind of very unique photoemission with jade. This photoemission will calm the mood, soothe the heart and lung, grow the hair, and improve the immune system.

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