The Mysterious Effects of Jade

Jade has grown up with the civilization of human beings. Jade has especially taken a very important position in Chinese culture. There are all kinds of myths about jade, some of which I will share some with you.

  1. Ancient Chinese believed that to find a suitable jade is like trying to find a soul mate. You shall have a very strong feeling towards it when you see the right jade. Then once you choose a jade pendant, you shall make a commitment to wear it. Once a strong bond has been formed between you and your
    Jade Pendant

    Jade Pendant

    jade, then it will nurture your body and soul and shelter you from bad luck.

  2. Due to its physical characteristics, some jade will absorb sunlight in the daytime and release the light at night. Wearing it at night, the jade can massage the blood points of the body when you move. The jade can nurture you and improve your immune system.
  3. White jade can appease the mood and soothe the nerves.
  4. Green jade can keep you from evils and improve your energy.
  5. Serpentine jade can improve male fertility.
  6. Jadeite can release ailments from respiration system.

Are they true or just fables, I leave it to your judgment.


  1. A. Kimbrough
    Mar 19, 2011

    Today I killed a spider and took off my coat and my jade bracelet fell to the floor and shattered in to 3 pieces.

  2. Lucia
    Nov 25, 2011

    Tonight as I was taking out my jade bracelet and it fell to the floor and shattered into 3 pieces too. What does it means and can I repair it or used it again?

  3. admin
    Nov 29, 2011

    When your jade integrates with your body and soul, it starts to become part of you. Sometime it sacrifices itself to prevent bad luck from you. That’s what my grandma told me.

    And you probably can repair it if it’s only broke into 3 pieces. Option 1: You can use strong glue. This is the cheapest way, but not perfect of course. It might break again. Option 2: You can use gold, platinum or other metal to fuse the broken pieces in a style. Of course this is a quite expensive way to rebirth the jade.

    No matter what you decide to do, Good Luck!

  4. peter watkin
    Dec 18, 2013

    my brother sent me a jade neclace,but the pin holding the jade broke,and i was told it was unrepairable,so i bought another.ive been wearing it for a few months now,and nearly every night ive had a dream,which ive never had before.i was hoping it would help me write an unforgettable song,because im an amaeter musician.the original jades in my wallet,in case its lucky..

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