The Most Ridiculous Jade Fraud in China

220 million yuan! The most expensive Jade auction in 2011, the Han jade dresser and stool, has sparked a heated debate. According to media reports earlier said the CNS in the Beijing International Auction Co., Ltd. held the “2011 special auction of ancient jade”, the “Han Qing Huang Yulong phoenix dresser(with stool),” starting with 180 million yuan, and ultimately to 2.2 billion deal, became the most expensive jade auction last year.

Of course the most expensive jade auction created a huge buzz, however, very soon it turned into a biggest joke.

RMB220M Antique Dresser and Stool Set (

RMB220M Antique Dresser and Stool Set (

I was so shocked when I saw this picture, because there is no way to date any stool back to Han Dynasty (202 BC-9 AD) when Han Chinese considered the only polite way to sit is sitting on the floor with bending knees. Stool as an imported style from the west only started to appear in Sui Tang Dynasty (581-618 AD) almost 1000 years later.

You might argue with me, why couldn’t Han Chinese sit high? The reason is very simple. Because the clothing in Han is underwear + long rob.  BTW,  the pans were also not imported to China yet.  So if you sit high, then there is a big chance you might show off your underwear or flesh. This is, of course, a big “NO NO”. It’s especially impossible  for the noble class to use a stool to sit .

Professor Shao Xiaofeng, in-depth study of the ancient furniture of Nanjing Forestry University,said: “There is noway the dresser and stool were from Han Dynasty .” He also suspected the auction is likely to be imitated in the Qing Dynasty palace furniture.

This record high priced jade auction has been largely questioned from people throughout the county.  The joke is not that it’s so fake, but how armature and naïve the faking is.

To face all the questioning, the host Beijing International Auction Co., Ltd. Vice President CNS Huang Jianjun answered: “Identification authorities hasn’t been established yet in this market. No one has the final say. Each person has the right to express their views, we only keep silent. There’s no need to compete with them. ”
He also said: “Indeed it should be identified on the auction, but we do not know where. There is not a nationally recognized accreditation body yet.” According to him, CNS auction company has four senior experts as consultants, including experts from the National Palace Museum ”auction company is just intermediate. Auction does not guarantee one hundred percent it is authentic. ”

Hahaha, I love his quote, keeps me laughing!

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